The real-time coordination of a wind-hydro power generation


  • Jure Konjevod
  • Slavko Krajcar
  • Perica Ilak



excitation voltage, hydropower plant, output power, rotor speed, wind-hydropower generation system


This paper introduces the real-time coordination of the wind and hydro power plants in the case of a part of the Croatian Power System where hydro–wind coordination is represented by Vrataruša wind farm and Senj and Vinodol hydropower plants. The model uses real data which represent generation units that make the power system. Also, the paper describes the general problem which is specific for these type of energy sources. For modeling hydro-wind coordinated generation, the MATLAB/Simulink model is developed. Obtained results, rotor speed, an active and reactive power of wind power plant, voltages, rotor speed, rotor speed deviation, active output power, and stator current of a hydroelectric generator are presented and analyzed


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