Editorial policy

The  Journal of  Energy is a  scientific and professional journal that covers the areas of the energy sector.  The  Journal of  Energy publishes original scientific and professional articles with a wide area of interest, from specific technical problems to global analyses of processes in the energy sector. It covers a  very broad range of topics relating to the electricity industry and the energy sector in general in a  competitive and global environment.

Aims & Scope

The intention of the Journal of Energy is to become a scientific and professional forum where these problems will be critically and constructively elaborated and where adequate solutions will be offered. The  Journal of  Energy is especially interested in the following topics: the energy sector in general, electricity production technologies, renewable energy sources, and environmental protection; the use and development of energy equipment and systems; equipment maintenance; the electricity system operation in competitive market conditions; power system operation, protection, dynamics, and control; smart grids; energy economics; construction and design of electric power facilities and plants; information systems and telecommunications; reengineering of business processes; electricity trade and supply, customer relations, knowledge management, and training; European and regional energy legislation, initiatives and cooperation.

The views expressed in articles are the authors’ and not necessarily those of The Journal of Energy, HEP d.d., or HRO CIGRE.

The Journal of Energy is issued in the form of a digital web magazine for readers by the principle of a free approach. We encourage prospective authors to follow our guidelines before submitting manuscripts.