Issue guidelines

Regular issue guidelines

All papers submitted for consideration in the regular issue will be sent for the standard peer review through the online procedure in two steps:  initial prescreening and final screening.  In  both  steps editors and/or reviewers could request potential revisions of  manuscripts,  until  final  acceptance  or  rejection  decision.  Whole correspondence related to above mentioned procedure will be held through email communication. Guidelines  for  author’s  manuscript  preparation  is  elaborated  in  separate  document  in  form  of  template  named  “Guidelines  for Authors”. To obtain a copy, please go to the website of the journal.

Special issue guidelines

The Journal of Energy is open for special issues, which regularly encompass publishing of best-quality conference papers or papers invited at the initiative of experts or a group of experts from a specific field.

If the papers originate from a conference, symposium, colloquium or similar event, they need to be in line with the editorial policy of the Journal of Energy. Such papers should be recognized by experts from particular fields as papers with significant scientific and/or professional value.  The initiative for issuing a special issue may be submitted by the Journal’s editors or the experts outside the Editorial. Proposals for the content of Special Issue should be submitted by the Editorial (or by Guest Editor specially assigned for a specific issue or area) and should include the following:

  • A suggested title for the Special Issue (should not exceed 10 words)
  • Proposed Aims and Scope, giving an overview of the Special Issue’s intended focus and a list of topics to be covered
  • In case of the participation of one or more Guest Editors, the Guest Editor managing the Special Issue will be pro-vided with the list of Guest Editors, including their names, emails and affiliations of each of the Guest Editors
  • A proposed timeline and schedule of Special Issue publishing

All  papers  submitted  for  consideration  in  the  special  issue  will  be sent for the standard peer review. In  case  of  the  participation  of  one  or  more  Guest  Editors,  the manuscripts submitted to the Special Issue will be checked by the journal’s editorial office and sent to the Guest Editor. As an exception, the Editor-in-Chief or Section Editors may invite papers from especially distinguished authors, in which case the manuscripts will not be peer-reviewed, but will be reviewed by at least two Editors.