About the Journal

The first issue of The Journal of Energy was in 1957. Since 1966 (9th publishing year) The Journal of Energy has become the first professional journal of Elektroprivreda Hrvatske (former name of the national power utility Hrvatska elektroprivreda i.e. HEP d.d.). In 1974 (17th publishing year) the Journal (under the name Energija) became the professional journal of Elektroprivreda Hrvatske, and since 1985 (28th publishing year) it was renamed to Journal of Elektroprivreda Hrvatske. In recent history, in 1990 it became the Journal of Energy with the emphasis on scientific content and original research.

Since 2010, the Croatian branch of CIGRÉ (HRO CIGRÉ) joined as a co-publisher of the Journal.

The Journal of Energy publishes original scientific and professional articles of a broad spectrum of interest in energy business, from specific technical problems to global analyses, aiming to help the advance of the state-of-the-art energy sector development. By 2009 six issues of the journal were published per year, with five chosen and reviewed articles in each issue. In the period between 2006 and 2009 all the articles in the journal were published bilingually, in Croatian and in English, with the circulation of 1,500 copies per issue.


Published by: HEP d.d. and Croatian National Committee of CIGRE
Frequency: 4
Online ISSN: 1849-0751  Print ISSN: 0013-7448   UDK: 621.31