Analysis of spent fuel pool loss of coolant inventory accident progression


  • Josip Đaković
  • Davor Grgić



Spent Fuel Pool, Loss of Coolant accident, fuel heatup, cladding oxidation, decay heat, NPP Krško


The Spent Fuel Pool (SFP) in a nuclear power plant is a robust structure designed to withstand large seismic loads. After the terrorist attacks on September 11 and the accident in the Fukushima nuclear power plant, special attention was focused on safety assessments and taking measures to mitigate possible accidents related to the spent fuel pool. This paper will provide an insight into spent fuel pool loss of coolant phenomenology and consequence mitigation strategies. Model of NPP Krško SFP was presented in MELCOR code which has been used as a case-study for evaluating accident propagation. The calculations were carried out using the latest version of MELCOR code which was updated for the analysis of severe accidents in nuclear spent fuel pools.


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