Automated Measurement System of High Accuracy for Shunt Reactors


  • Toni Pohovski Končar - Electrical Engineering Institute
  • Vjenceslav Kuprešanin Končar - Electrical Engineering Institute
  • Filip Razum Koncar - Electrical Engineering Institute
  • Davor Švarc Končar Power Transformers Ltd., A joint venture of Siemens and Končar
  • Matej Dorešić Končar Power Transformers Ltd., A joint venture of Siemens and Končar



shunt reactors, automated tests, high accuracy, measurement uncertainty


System for automated transformer tests (ATT) enables different measurements on power transformers, from simple to the most complex, with a high degree of automation. ATT system is now expanded with modules for measurements on shunt reactors. The measurements related to shunt reactors that are covered with the system are: measurement of losses, impedance measurement, linearity test, zero impedance measurement, winding resistance measurement, temperature rise test and measurement of mutual reactance. Besides the measurement, ATT enables data analysis and report generation, all in accordance with [1,2]. Measurement of shunt reactor losses with satisfactory accuracy is a big challenge due to power factors of the reactors as low as 0,001. A system for loss measurements with high accuracy, consisting of measuring bridge, current comparator and standard capacitor is integrated into ATT. In the paper, a comparison in terms of loss measurement accuracy on shunt reactor is given for two measurement systems – a newly integrated system for shunt reactors and standard system used for transformer measurements.


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