Several Aspects of Human Exposure to Low Frequency Fields; Incident and Internal Field Dosimetry Procedures and Related Legal issues


  • Dragan Poljak University of Split
  • Tonko Garma University of Split
  • Zorica Novaković Šesnić Croatian Transmission System Operator



Human exposure, low frequency fields electromagnetic dosimetry, legal issues


The paper deals with simple and efficient dosimetry procedures for human exposure to low frequency (LF) electric and magnetic fields at single and multiple frequencies, respectively. The electromagnetic interference (EMI) sources of interest are overhead power lines and transmission substations. Electric and magnetic fields due to EMI sources are either calculated or measured. Theoretical dosimetry is based on scalar potential integral equation (SPIE) for the case of the electric field assessment while the magnetic fields are computed by means of the Biot-Savart law. The internal fields in the human body are determined by using the canonical body models (disk model and cylindrical model). The obtained results are compared to exposure limits proposed by national and international legislation, respectively (National Gazette No 146/2014, 31/2019, 59/2016) and ICNIRP International Commission on Nonionizing Radiation protection).  Finally, legal issues pertaining to human exposure to LF fields are addressed.



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