Reduction of the double-circuit flashovers on a 400 kV overhead line



Double circuit flashovers may cause very severe system disturbances when taking place on some critical double-circuit lines of an electrical network. Line arresters offer an efficient solution to protect these specific lines against double circuit outages due to lightning. This paper will study, on a double-circuit 400-kV line, the protection provided by line arresters against double circuit outages due to lightning. The efficiency of several configurations of line arresters will be compared. For that purpose, the double-circuit lightning flashover rates of the line with and without line arresters will be calculated using a newly developed software which includes a three-dimensional electro-geometric model and is able to take into account the random nature of lightning. This software automatically launches EMTP-RV (restructured version of EMTP) for analyzing fast front overvoltages impressed on line insulation. The energy stressing the line arresters will also be calculated in order to evaluate the risk of failure of the line arresters due to excess energy absorption. Furthermore, the effects of several other parameters such as the tower footing resistances, the lightning withstand voltages of insulator strings as well as the protective levels of line arresters will also be investigated.


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