Department of energy and power systems – 80 years of success in science, teaching and cooperation with industry


  • Igor Kuzle



Department of Energy and Power Systems, Electrical engineering, Energy, Power systems, Faculty, Anniversary, Curriculum


The Department of Energy and Power Systems of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb was founded in 1934 and celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2014. In its long history, many well-known experts, members of the Department, have left their mark on the power engineering activity in Croatia. The Department has been studying and creating improvements in the fields of production, transmission, distribution and final use of electricity, renewable energy sources, advanced power grids, electricity management problems, electricity trading and markets problems and usage of other forms of energy. Throughout the years, the Department has become the leading institution in the field of electrical power engineering in the region, maintaining long-term cooperation with the industry sector and has been recognized for scientific activity since the time of professor Požar and his establishment principles of the Zagreb School of Energy. Determined to remain a respectable research institution, the Department undertakes scientific research at the highest international levels through which valuable international cooperation with many research institutions around the world has been established.


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