Decay heat calculation for spent fuel pool application


  • Davor Grgić
  • Siniša Šadek
  • Vesna Benčik



burnup calculation, decay heat, ORIGEN, PARCS, spent fuel pool


The automatic procedure was developed for fuel assembly decay heat calculation based on PARCS 3D burnup calculation for fuel cycle depletion, and ORIGEN 2.1 calculation during both depletion and fuel cooling. Using appropriate pre-processor and post-processor codes it is possible to calculate fuel assembly decay heat loads for all fuel assemblies discharged from reactor. Simple graphical application is then used to distribute fuel assemblies within fuel pool and to calculate any fuel assembly, SFP rack, or whole pool heat load at arbitrary time. The application can be used for overview of fuel assembly burnups, cooling times or decay heats. Based on given date it is possible to calculate whole pool heat load and time to boiling or time to assembly uncover using simple mass and energy balances. Calculated heat loads can be input to more detailed thermal-hydraulics calculations of spent fuel pool. The demonstration calculation was performed for NPP Krsko spent fuel pool.


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