Enhancements to PWR SAMG since Fukushima


  • R Prior




PWR SAMG, Development, Fukushima


Plant specific Severe Accident Management Guidelines are provided to give guidance to plant staff to respond to a severe accident, to protect containment, minimise fission product releases and prioritise equipment recovery efforts while bringing the plant to a controlled stable condition. This paper presents and discusses the enhancements that have been made particularly to widely implemented SAMG based on the Westinghouse Owners Group generic model (now part of the PWR Owners Group) since the Fukushima accident. Although U.S. and European responses to the accident may seem at first sight to be different, in fact, the enhancements needed to SAMG in order to address lessons learned were quite consistent. How to deal with loss of d.c. power and / or instrumentation, long term loss of a.c. power (much longer than had previously been considered), multiple unit severe accidents, accidents in the fuel pool, accidents from shutdown initial plant conditions and other issues and conditions that occurred during the event and which we must learn from? This paper presents results of a number of projects aimed at providing SAMG enhancements to address these issues, some originating in the U.S. and some in Europe. Main enhancements addressing lessons learned from Fukushima are described. The paper also summarises and describes an ongoing project to develop a fully revised generic SAMG specifically applicable to PWR plants in Europe (and also applicable to other designs, such as VVER) which benefits from all these efforts and will provide a single integrated and updated basis for plants with mitigation systems typical in Europe (often different from the US) to update their SAMG.


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