Trends in Hydropower


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hydropower, pump storage, BIM, CFD, R&D


With a global focus on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, hydro power has come to the fore as an effective means of balancing other forms of electricity production from renewable sources (wind, photovoltaics and biomass).

The role of hydropower in the modern mix of energy has led to favorable climatic conditions for development in the construction of new plants and upgrading with the renovation of existing hydroelectric power plants.

Especially reversible hydropower plants with modern equipment with the so-called variable speed technology have a special role, which enables stability in the primary and secondary energy regulation system.

A noteworthy trend is the construction of new facilities with low falls with the installation of highly efficient Kaplan and Tubular turbines.

The already built projects in the fifth and sixth decades of the previous century, especially in northern Europe, are rapidly revamped and prepared for use in the next 40 to 50 years.

Modern and sustainable approach to designing and preparing documentation for the construction of new or renewable power plants requires the use of modern information technology with 3D design and BIM (Building information Modeling) approach. In this way, young generations of engineers and consultants are easier to communicate with each other and reduce the possibility of errors in all phases of project realization.

Key to the realization is the contracting of projects, the big dilemma whether to have EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contracts (turnkey) a responsibility in one place or to deal with separate lots and engage their employees to control realization in order to minimize risk.

Special attention is given to model research and development of turbines with reciprocal tests both on the model and prototype turbines.


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