Fleet Asset Management Opportunities Arising from Transient Monitoring of Power Transformers and Shunt Reactors


  • Tomislav Župan
  • Bruno Jurišić
  • Ivan Murat
  • Božidar Filipović-Grčić
  • Slaven Goglia
  • Goran Levačić




transformer transient monitoring system, overvoltage stress, frequency domain severity factor, health index estimation, fleet asset management


Power transformers and shunt reactors are strategic assets for every system operator and their downtime should be kept as low and controlled as possible. During their multi-decade service life, they are regularly exposed to transient overvoltages. These situations stress their insulation systems and can cause accelerated deterioration and aging. Since the shapes of these overvoltages are usually unknown, an additional approach to assessing the health index can be realized using monitoring systems with transient recorders. Analyzing the transient overvoltages using frequency domain severity factor, a quantification of additional stress on the transformer’s/shunt reactor’s insulation can be given. This can help in assessing the current state of the insulation system and can lead to more advanced fleet asset management.


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