Proposal of Testing Procedure for Resonance and Ferroresonance Inception Possibility in Instrument Transformers


  • Bruno Jurisic Dr.
  • Marijan Perković
  • Ivan Novko
  • Luka Kovačić
  • Igor Žiger
  • Tomislav Župan



Circuit breaker, EMTP, ferroresonance, laboratory testing, resonance, voltage power transformer


This paper deals with the possibility of ferroresonance occurence in the interaction between circuit breakers and inductive instrument transformers. Existing standards lack guidance on testing for ferroresonant behaviour. The paper proposes a standardized testing procedure and presents measurements on a full-scale system. EMTP simulations complement the measurements for a broader network topology analysis, i.e. circuit breaker capacitance combinations. EMTP simulations are validated for a 170 kV voltage transformer and a combined instrument transformer, showing accuracy within 10%. The paper also extends the EMTP modelling application to a 420 kV voltage power transformer during design phase, ensuring it doesn't experience ferroresonance. This study offers a practical approach for testing and simulating ferroresonance in inductive instrument transformers, contributing to the safe operation of power networks.


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