Numerical Calculation and Direct Measurement of Local Hot Spot Temperatures in Transformer Clamping Plates


  • Dino Kovačević Končar D&ST
  • Mladen Marković
  • Damir Blažina



Transformer, Multiphysics, Stray Field Losses, Hot spot temperature, Clamping plates, Fiber optic probe


A verified multiphysics model is developed to simulate local hot spot temperatures in clamping structures. Stray field losses in clamping plates are obtained with the use of nonlinear impedance boundary condition through finite element method (FEM) while hot spot temperatures are simulated with the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This multiphysics coupling is validated through direct measurements of local hot spot temperatures that were carried out with fiber optic temperature probes in real transformer. The local hot spot temperatures obtained with the simulations were in good agreement with the measured values, thus verifying overall approach and indirectly the calculation of local stray field losses.


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