Dynamic Stability Enhancement Through the Application of Stabilizers of Electromechanical Oscillations


  • Vladimir Franki Faculty of engineering Rijeka
  • Alfredo Višković
  • Vladimir Valentić




dynamic stability, electromechanical oscillations, stabilizers


Power system dynamic stability is one of key issues system engineers face. Oscillations that regularly occur in the system, limit the transmission capability of the network. The need to study the stability of power systems has been increasingly growing along with the development of power systems and their grouping into large interconnections. The focus of this paper is determining the dynamic stability of a synchronous generator, and thus the power system, by applying the general theory of stability of dynamic systems. Furthermore, the procedure for the initial adjustment of the parameters of a conventional (IEEE3 type PSS1A) stabilizer of electromechanical oscillations is briefly described based on the frequency response analysis of a linear generator model also known as the Heffron-Phillips generator model.


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