Characterization of the GBC-32 Fuel Assembly Source Terms


  • Mario Matijević University of Zagreb Faculty of electrical engineering and computing
  • Matej Pekeč University of Zagreb Faculty of electrical engineering and computing



SCALE, NEWT, TRITON, burnup, depletion


This paper presents burnup/depletion calculations of the typical Westinghouse 17x17 fuel assembly to be used as a radioactive waste package in a Generic Burnup Credit cask benchmark problem with 32 elements (GBC-32). This first phase is addressing spent fuel source terms calculation while evaluation of the shielding performance of the GBC-32 cask is planned for the second phase. The TRITON-NEWT methodology of the SCALE6.1.3 program package was used in a tandem with ORIGEN-S code for deterministic 2D calculation of the GBC-32 fuel assembly neutron multiplication factor, providing spatial-temporal fluxes and isotopic concentration change. The burnup simulation was done up to 60 GWd/tU with sensitivity analysis of relevant physical parameters influenced by the working cross-section library. This approach also allowed generation of the specific user-defined collapsed cross-section libraries as a function of fuel enrichment and burnup level. Calculation of isotopic concentrations, decay heat, neutron-gamma spectra and major actinides activity for different fuel assembly cooling periods was performed using ORIGEN-ARP module.


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