Synchrophasors Determination Based on Interpolated FFT Algorithm


  • Antonijo Kunac
  • Marin Despalatović
  • Dario Šantić



Digital signal processing, Discrete Fourier transforms, Modeling, Phasor measurement unit, Simulation


Within the standard IEEE C37.118 applications and proposed hardware structure of a phasor measurement unit (PMU) are described. This paper presents the concept of the system for measuring and transferring synchrophasors from a theoretical aspect. Synchrophasor algorithms are developed in MATLAB/Simulink for the purpose of easier verification and hardware deployment on today’s market available and affordable real time development kits. Analysis of the synchrophasor measurement process is performed gradually. Firstly, by defining the synchrophasor based on three-phase to αβ-transformation and then introducing a discrete Fourier transform (DFT) based on synchrophasor estimation algorithm. Later, accompanying adverse effects resulting from its application are analyzed by means of simulation. To increase accuracy and improve estimation algorithm interpolated discrete Fourier transform (IpDFT) with and without windowing technique is used. To further optimize algorithm performance convolution sum in recursive form has been implemented instead of classical DFT approach. This study was carried out in order to validate described measurement system for the monitoring of transients during island operation of a local power electric system. Finally, simulation and experimental results including error analysis are also presented.


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