A Resistive Voltage Divider for Power Measurements

  • Martin Dadić
  • Bruno Sandrić
  • Petar Mostarac
  • Roman Malarić
Keywords: PXI-4461, guarding, resistive voltage dividers, power measurement


The paper presents a resistive voltage divider (RVD), developed for power measurements at much higher frequencies than the traditional 50 Hz. The design of the RVD and the methods of its evaluation are described. The RVD is intended to be used in a digital sampling wattmeter application based on National Instruments PXI-4461 Dynamic Signal Analyzer. The design of the divider includes individual copper guards for each resistor, driven by the auxiliary chain of resistors. To reduce the leakage currents, the PTFE terminals are applied between pins of the resistors and the printed circuit board.


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