Line Surge Arresters Applications On The Multi Circuit Overhead Lines


  • S. Sadovic
  • T. Sadovic



Multi circuit line, line lightning performance, line surge arrester, multi circuit outage rate


This paper presents application of line surge arresters (LSA) on the different voltage level multi circuit overhead lines. Double circuit shielded compact line with and without distribution circuit on the same tower is analyzed. Distribution circuit has lower insulation level, meaning that almost all flashovers will happen on that circuit. Flashovers on the distribution circuit help to improve lightning performance of the transmission circuits. Flashovers on the distribution circuit diverts fraction of the lightning current along its phase conductors, improving at the same time coupling between distribution and transmission circuits. All software simulations are performed using sigma slp software package. A short description of the modeling for multi circuit flashover rate determination is given. In order to prevent flashovers on the distribution circuit LSA are installed on this circuit only. The improvement in the transmission circuit lightning performance is similar to that obtained without LSA. LSA installed on the distribution circuit are much cheaper than transmission LSA.


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