Criticality Safety Analysis of Spent Fuel Storage Pool for NPP Mochovce using MCNP5 Code


  • Ján Haščík
  • Gabriel Farkas
  • Jakub Lüley
  • Branislav Vrban
  • Róbert Hinca
  • Martin Petriska
  • Vladimír Slugeň
  • Jozef Lipka
  • Peter Urban



The paper presents results of nuclear criticality safety analysis of spent fuel storage and handling for the 1st and 2nd unit of NPP Mochovce. Spent fuel storage pool (compact and reserve grid) and T-12 transport cask were modeled using the Monte Carlo code MCNP5. Conservative approach was applied and calculation of max eff k values was performed for normal and various postulated emergency conditions in order to evaluate the final maximal max eff k values. The requirement of current safety regulations to ensure 5% subcriticality was met except some especially conservative cases.


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