Analysis of Rod Withdrawal at Power (RWAP) Accident using ATHLET Mod 2.2 Cycle A and RELAP5/mod 3.3 Codes


  • Vesna Benčik
  • Nikola Čavlina
  • Davor Grgić



The system code ATHLET (Analysis of THermal-hydraulics of Leaks and Transients) is being developed by the Gesellschaft für Anlagen-und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) mbH in Garching, Germany. In the paper, an overview of activities performed at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), University of Zagreb, in application of system code ATHLET in transient analyses for NPP Krško (NEK) is presented. Newly, the NEK input deck for the released ATHLET version (Mod 2.2 Cycle A) has been developed. For that purpose, the NEK data base that has been developed and maintained at FER for the last two decades primarily for development of standard input deck for RELAP5 code was used. The ATHLET model has been validated by analyzing the Rod Withdrawal At Power (RWAP) accident at nominal power. The results for steady state calculation as well as RWAP transient were assessed against the analysis performed by RELAP5/mod 3.3 code. In both ATHLET and RELAP5 calculation, the RWAP accident was simulated by constant reactivity insertion rate equal to 2.4 pcm/sec. For ATHLET analysis, two fluid dynamic options were tested for the primary side: a) base case analysis with 5 conservation equations and mixture level model and b) two-fluid model with separate conservation equations for liquid and vapour phases for all the volumes except for the pressurizer where 5 equations+mixture level model was retained. The Steam Generators (SGs) were built using basic ATHLET elements together with the dedicated separator model. For RELAP5/mod 3.3 analysis, a standard option with thermal and mechanical non-equilibrium (6 equations) was used. The results of the steady state calculation for the ATHLET model have shown a very good agreement with RELAP5 calculation. In the transient analysis very small differences for the main physical parameters between ATHLET and RELAP5 as well as between the two ATHLET models were obtained.


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