Dose Calculation for Emergency Control Room HVAC Filter


  • Davor Grgić
  • Štefica Vlahović
  • Mario Matijević
  • Paulina Dučkić
  • Srđan Špalj



Emergency Control Room, HVAC filter, gamma dose, point kernel, Monte Carlo


NPP Krsko is introducing Emergency Control Room (ECR) as part of safety upgrades. According to 10CFR50 Appendix A, GDC 19, both main control room and emergency control room should have adequate radiation protection to permit operators to shutdown the plant and keep it in safe shutdown conditions without receiving more than 50 mSv effective whole body dose, within 30 days from accident initiation. One of the important prerequisites to achieve that is proper operation of control room HVAC. In this work we are focused to calculation of gamma doses from radioactive materials accumulated in HEPA and charcoal filters during 30 days of HVAC operation. The dose at selected points around the filter was calculated using Microshield 10.0 point kernel code. The radioactive gamma source is calculated using RADTRAD 3.03 for plant's severe accident SGTR sequence calculated with MAAP 4.0.7 code. Calculated dose rates at peak filter activity are compared against results obtained with SCALE 6.2 MAVRIC shielding sequence (Monaco Monte Carlo functional module and CADIS methodology). The reasonable agreement between point kernel and hybrid Monte Carlo results was obtained.


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