New method to optimize no-load noise of power transformers based on core design & transformer operating conditions


  • Ahmed Gamil
  • Franz Schatzl



Sheet parameters, Limitation Factor, Magnetostriction, Noise Factors, 3D Parameter Model


This paper introduces a new algorithm to calculate and optimize no-load noise (sound pressure) of power transformers, and to identify iron sheet parameters. The calculation consists of two steps: the 1st step consists in calculating an initial sound pressure level (A-Evaluation) which has approx. 70 % accuracy within a tolerance interval of ±2dB (A). The 2nd step consists in estimating the expected deviation from the initial calculation to reach 90 % accuracy in the final results. This deviation could be due to material handling, quality tolerance, core manufacturing, etc. The optimization process consists of two parts: the 1st part takes place before choosing a certain iron sheet for calculation to identify the sheet parameters required for computational accuracy (“Sheet Optimization”). The 2nd part consists in considering a core design with an undesirable sound pressure level in order to reduce it to an acceptable limit. This part takes into account the other limitations such as no-load losses and transformer dimensions (“Design Optimization”). For new iron sheets in the market, there is no measurement history to rely on. However, the algorithm is also capable of identifying the sheet parameters for calculation based on the available algorithm data base and the magnetostriction measurements of the iron sheet manufacturer.


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