Temperature rise of power transformers: comments and proposals to IEC 60076-2:2011


  • Zdenko Godec
  • Vjenceslav Kuprešanin




Power transformers, temperature rise test, measurement uncertainty, decision-making


Two years ago, a new, third edition of IEC 60076-2 standard was published [1]. Over a period of two years, we have had the opportunity to evaluate this new standard in practice. In the paper, it is shown that the criterion for stagnation 1K/ h + 3h is not entirely satisfying. Better criterion is 1K/3h, or extrapolation to stagnation - as given in second edition of the standard. A formula for hot-spot determination is not complete and it is suggested how to improve it. In the new standard, three formulas for winding average temperature determination are given. Based on experiments, we conclude that the best formula is the simplest one, and two additional formulas are without any benefit. According to [1], paragraph 7.11, measurement uncertainty estimates of results should be given in test reports - but only as information. No procedure for measurement uncertainty estimation is given, and measurement uncertainty is not used in decision-making. Therefore, the third edition of the standard is uncompleted and not motivating in terms of efforts to increase the quality of the measurement results. In the paper, the procedure for measurement uncertainty estimation is proposed and suggestion is given for appropriate decision making.


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