Impact of various hydro power generation scenarios on energy balance and power markets in see region


  • Josip Kajić
  • Hrvoje Pirić
  • Filip Rendulić
  • Marin Cerjan
  • Marko Delimar



hydro power generation, SEE power market, hydrological scenarios


This paper presents electricity power generation capacities in South East Europe (SEE). Due to a high share of hydro power generation, hydrology has a major influence on energy balance and power markets in SEE. Power markets are facing the impact of a rising number of renewable energy generation facilities. This paper describes influences of energy availability on power markets and energy generation within three hydrological scenarios (dry, normal and wet scenario). Short-term electricity prices are analyzed in terms of production and consumption on three major power exchanges in Romania, Hungary and Slovenia. Findings demonstrate influences of weather conditions on power markets in SEE through energy production, security of supply and risks facing power producers.


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