Energy management in the public building sector – ISGE/ISEMIC model


  • Željko Tomšić
  • Ivan Gašić
  • Goran Čačić



Energy management, public buildings, energy consumption, smart meters, intelligent estimation


This paper introduces Intelligent Information System for Monitoring and Verification of Energy Management in Cities (ISEMIC) web application that connects processes of gathering data on buildings and their energy and water consumption, monitors consumption indicators, detects any anomalies or irregularities in time, sets energy efficiency targets and reports energy and water consumption savings. ISEMIC enables use of smart meters within an energy management for the first time in the region, along with an analytical part which enables intelligent estimation of energy consumption based on multiple criteria. In the public sector are enormous potential for energy and water savings and thus a large area for ISEMIC web application implementation. ISEMIC web application is developed in July, 2011. Purchase of smart metering equipment and establishment of smart metering infrastructure on institutions of project partners responsible for web application development is in conduction after which a full pilot run will be started. The potential impact of this project is very large and it would be a great example how significant savings can be achieved by systematic energy monitoring and management provided by the use of ISEMIC web application.


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