Validation of the CORD-2 System for the NPP Krško Nuclear Core Design Calculations


  • Marjan Kromar
  • Bojan Kurinčič



PWR, nuclear core design calculations, core simulator


The CORD-2 package intended for core design calculations of PWRs has been recently updated with some improved models. Since the modifications could substantially influence the obtained results, a technical validation process is required. This paper presents comparison of some calculated and measured parameters of the NPP Krško core needed to qualify the package. Critical boron concentrations at hot full power for selected cycle burnup points and several parameters obtained during the start-up testing at the beginning of each cycle (hot zero power critical concentration, isothermal temperature coefficient and rods worth) for all 27 finished cycles of operation are considered. In addition, assembly-wise power distribution for some selected cycles is checked. Comparison has shown very good agreement of the CORD-2 calculated values with the selected measured parameter of the NPP Krško core.


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