Cable Aging Management Program Implementation in Krško NPP-NEK


  • Marko Pirc



Cable Aging, NPP


As a requirement for plant life extension for more than 40 years some additional Aging Management Programs (AMP) for passive equipment have to be implemented. The article presents overview of Cable Aging Management Program (CAMP) implementation. Program defines basic rules and initial activities for identification of adverse operation environment parameters that could lead to accelerated aging of specific materials. Samples of cables are selected based on nuclear safety and electrical equipment criticality for inspection and testing, to check functionality and prevent unexpected failure during normal operation. Acceptance criteria for environment parameters and diagnostic testing have been set. Initial visual inspection of cables condition in adverse environment and testing of sampled cables and environment are giving results for in time preventive measures. First cable aging management program is implemented since 2010 and its experience could be accommodated to other companies with cables recognized as key components.  


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