Verification of GOTHIC Multivolume Containment Model during NPP Krško DBA LOCA


  • Tomislav Fancev
  • Davor Grgić
  • Siniša Šadek



containment, LOCA, GOTHIC, multivolume model, spray operation time


New containment multivolume model of NPP Krsko for GOTHIC code is developed. It is based on plant drawings and other available data. It is supported by developed SketchUp 3D containment model. The model is subdivided in volumes following physical boundaries and clearly defined flow paths. All important concrete heat structures are taken into account. Metal heat structures are based on plant’s SAR Chapter 6 licensing model. RCFC (Reactor Containment Fan Cooler) units are explicitly modelled as well as all main ventilation ducts. The model includes two trains of containment spray system. PARs (Passive Autocatalytic Recombiner) and PCFV (Passive Containment Filter Venting) filters added during plant safety upgrade project are part of the model too. It was intention to use model for both DBA (Design Basis Accident) and for DEC (Design Extended Conditions) and BDBA (Beyond Design Basis Accident) calculations. Based on the same discretization and data, and on experience acquired during GOTHIC model development and use, containment models for MELCOR and MAAP integral codes are developed too. As part of initial verification of the GOTHIC model containment DBA LOCA calculation is performed using SAR MER (Mass and Energy Release) data. The influence of different break positions on peak containment atmosphere pressure and temperature was studied. The results were compared against results obtained in single volume containment licensing model. Beside local effects due to different containment subdivision similar results are obtained when comparing containment dome from multivolume and the single volume in licensing model. Special attention was paid to distribution of water in lower part of the containment during recirculation phase. In this case much more valuable information are obtained in multivolume model with explicit volumes for main sump, recirculation sump and sump pit. Another point of interest was influence of containment spray duration on long term pressure and temperature behaviour. The intention was to study consistency of assumed different spray operation times used in safety analyses, EQ analyses and SAMGs and related consequences for plant operation during DBA LOCA.


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