Generation scheduling in power systems with high penetration of renewable energy


  • Ivan Pavić
  • Tomislav Capuder
  • Igor Kuzle



Mixed Integer Linear Programming, Power System Flexibility, Renewable Energy Sources, Unit Commitment, Wind Power Plants


Share of renewable energy sources increased rapidly over last two decades primary as wind and solar power plants. Their increase was driven by governmental subsidies and priority access and dispatch regarding conventional units. Wind and solar power plants are inflexible sources because their generation depends on exterior, weather conditions and they cannot be controlled as conventional units. This paper will define term power system flexibility and provide an insight into flexibility of conventional and modern power systems. Detailed mathematical model of power system and all its components has been created and explained. Modeling has been executed as mixed integer linear program using Fico Xpress optimization suite. Using those models, flexibility analyses of power systems with different renewable energy sources share has been conducted


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